Saturday, January 25, 2014

Been Busy Yet Feeling Rudderless

So, for you my loyal, yet few followers, here is an update as to what is going on in Bad Penny Land. (if you know me or once knew me as a former letter writer, you will want to pay attention,)

In the land of real life, aka work land,  I got a promotion at work.  I am now a programmer for the telecom/tech company that I have worked for for the past 5.5 years.  It is a good move.  Work is now both time consuming and challenging rather than mind numbing and vacant.  I am actually enjoying it for a change and my new team is comprised of many wonderful individuals with the usual few pains in the ass.  So there is that.  I can and will tell stories of awe and WTF regarding this some other time.  This pay period I managed to stay home sick one day and still got 6+ hours of overtime.

On the home front, we are in the process of evicting the tenant from hell.  This foul creature that shall hence forth be known as Flee, was an old, all-be-it semi-casual friend of the Mr.'s.  He was the sort of person that one may say "he's a good guy once you get to know him" (aka - he is an asshole and you will get used to him.)  I wrote a 7 page tome regarding his generally psychotic and antisocial behavior but will not bore you with it unless you ask.  Needless to say, it has been a roller coaster ride of manipulative intentions (on his part) and antisocial behavior directed towards all of the other members of the Knutt House that led to his ultimate expulsion.  Now we have the legal 60 days of waiting for him to finally leave.  60 days is a LONG FUCKING time and I sincerely hope (yet secretly wish he wouldn't hold back) that E manages to avoid kicking Flee's ever loving ass in that time.  Beyond that, our house is in order - considering we have completely remodeled it and our roof- that we replaced- is holding tight. So there is that to be thankful for.

On the once removed home front, well things are both great and a real mess.  My dearest Darling Daughter Hanner is doing both wonderful and awful as is the want of a 20-something year old, but in general, I am pleased and apprehensive.  It is my right and responsibility as a mother to be so. I worry about her - and some of her adult friemds, aka my Hooligan Children- also as is my right, but jebuz christ, as I am not anything close to an "adult" myself, WHERE THE HELL DO I GET OFF??!!    That was the up side, now for the messed up shit.  So as you probably don't know - as I am a terrible blogger- is that my smother, whom I have been 3 + years estranged fron (long story) recently had her husband (aka my step monster) end up in the hospital and then in the hospital he had a stroke.  So, I got to go help prepare her house of his return via cleaning it out and such. (trust me, there was much more to it than this but I am far to tired to explain right now,  AKA MY LIFE IS A MINI SERIES.

So here we have it, 9 PM on a Saturday and I am too tired to go any farther with this.  Phque.  Seriously.

I have been painting and working and riding a bit so it has not been pointless.  So there is that.


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